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WORKSPACES: Efficient Asset Management of Office Furniture: Why it Matters

- Efficient management of office furniture is a crucial yet often underestimated aspect of modern business operations, playing a vital role in optimizing workspace efficiency, employee comfort, and financial health. It involves more than just tracking assets; it's about strategically utilizing, maintaining, and managing the lifecycle of furniture.

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WORKSPACES: The Rise of the Envy Office: How Workspace Trends Are Transforming the Modern Workplace

- Companies are blending the comforts of home with vacation vibes, creating vibrant spaces that entice employees and offer Insta-worthy moments. Dive in as we summarize the article on The New York Times to discover how offices are evolving to inspire a new era of work-life balance and aesthetic appeal.

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WORKSPACES: Elevate Your Workplace Design Experience with CET Live Design

- Elevate your workplace design experience with PeopleSpace's CET Live Design, a revolutionary space-planning software that allows real-time virtual collaboration with expert designers. Offering a seamless blend of innovative technology and hands-on design expertise, CET Live Design empowers clients to actively participate in the creation of their ideal workspaces, ensuring a time-efficient, cost-effective, and visually immersive design journey.

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WORKSPACES: Enhancing Workplace Dynamics with Pods and Phone Booths: A Modern Solution for Flexible Workspaces

- Explore the transformative impact of pods and phone booths in modern workplaces, where the need for privacy meets the demands of collaboration. These innovative structures not only enhance productivity and reduce stress by providing private workspaces but also contribute to improved collaboration and an aesthetically pleasing office environment.

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EMPOWER WELL-BEING: Affordances in the Workspace: Elevating Cognitive, Emotional, and Physical Well-being

- Explore the transformative power of PeopleSpace's Affordances in workspace design, influencing cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being, and fostering innovation and collaboration. With a focus on efficiency, well-being, and adaptability, PeopleSpace shapes work environments into hubs of productivity and satisfaction.

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EMPOWER WELL-BEING: Achieving Workplace Harmony: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Sound & Acoustics in the Workplace

- In the intricate realm of workplace dynamics, acoustics serves as a pivotal conductor orchestrating harmony and productivity. This guide delves into the nuanced details of sound, exploring its characteristics and behaviors and unraveling its profound impact on workspaces. By mastering acoustics, businesses can sculpt offices into realms fostering communication, minimizing distractions, and championing employee well-being.

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WORKSPACES: Orchestrating Success: A Guide to Building a Dynamic Team for Office Relocation and Redesign Excellence

- Embark on a transformative journey with our guide, offering strategic insights on assembling a proficient project team, defining goals, and aligning space with culture for a successful office relocation or redesign. Engage with us to leverage Workspace Discovery in identifying your unique needs and ensuring a seamless transformation.

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SPACE MATTERS: Crafting Cultural Change: A Deep Dive into the Impact of Workspace Design on Organizational Dynamics

- Explore the nuanced relationship between workspace design and organizational culture in this in-depth analysis. From the catalyst role of purposeful design in cultural shifts to the indispensable need for effective change management, discover how the fusion of spatial and behavioral elements crafts workspaces that inspire positive cultures and drive enduring success.

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WORKSPACES: What You Need to Know About Hybrid Workplace Design

- The workplace is changing. Businesses are increasingly embracing the idea of hybrid workplaces, which combine traditional office space with a remote work environment. This has created an entirely new set of considerations for businesses, such as how to design more efficient workspaces and what type of furniture is best suited for this new model.

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EMPOWER WELL-BEING: Selecting Office Furniture That Reflects Your Company’s Culture

- Updating an office environment to match a brand and its culture requires careful thought and consideration. From hybrid working arrangements to the design of social spaces, a few key elements should be considered.

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EMPOWER WELL-BEING: Acoustics - Create harmony in the workplace with spaces to support both collaboration and focus

- When is noise a distraction, and when is it not? So, what can you do when energy meets annoyance? It’s loud when you need quiet? The room is silent when you want to celebrate.

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SPACE MATTERS: Work Environment Affects Employee Happiness

- People work for many reasons — compensation, social connections, status. However, the most important drivers of work today might be the experience of creativity and problem solving, and finding meaning in one’s work. Some people bring a sense of meaning to their work, and some organizations create cultures that foster happiness and meaning in the employee work experience. In fact, happy employees are 30% more productive. As a bonus, they also have a 37% higher sales rate and demonstrate 3 times the creative capacity. However, to date, the role of the design of the physical office space that surrounds people has been often unconsidered.

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SPACE MATTERS: Brand Beyond Marketing: Bringing it into the Workplace

- A well-designed, branded environment expresses an institution’s core identity, and the values employees relate to. It communicates and supports an organization’s mission and values.

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RETURN TO WORKSPACE: Now More than Ever Lockers are a Part of the Workplace

- How we move throughout the day, what we store, and where we store it has become a focal point for addressing the fluid nature of how people work today. Whether employees are carrying a few printouts in their bag to reference during their meetings while they pop into the office for the morning, field gear to change into when heading to a job site, or just dropping off their gym shoes before fueling up for the day, it always comes back to lockers. Shared and or assigned lockers offer an opportunity to minimize the cost of storage needs on a highly flexible floor plate and provide a solution to accommodate a multitude of assets and equipment different users need to store.

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EMPOWER WELL-BEING: Investing in your Business: Employee Well-being

- Psychological safety is a critical differentiator in successful team performance and a foundational component for openness, creativity, and risk-taking. The challenge of leadership is how to foster that safety in their teams while also delivering on high and frequently increasing expectations.

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RETURN TO WORKSPACE: Moveable Walls: Sustainable Adaptability While Saving Time and Money

- One of the many business leaders, facility and project managers' goals is to provide long-term, sustainable architectural solutions for their clients and employer while saving money, the environment, and flexibility for growth.

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EMPOWER WELL-BEING: The Value of Focus Work

- Space has a direct impact on either driving or plummeting the success of organizational culture and how they need to work. Ensuring the workspace has the appropriate ratio of individual to collaborative areas which support the specific cultural needs of an organization or department within, will go a long way to enhance focus work.

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EMPOWER WELL-BEING: Prioritizing Employees’ Mental Health

- The pandemic has impacted mental health in more ways than one, and your employees may be returning to the workplace with more well-being struggles than when they were initially hired.

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SPACE MATTERS: What is Ancillary?

- Ancillary means supporting the function/s of the primary products or providing additional help or support to the primary activities or operation of an organization, institution, industry, or system.

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EMPOWER WELL-BEING: Biophilic Design in the Workplace

- An organization adding biophilic design to their offices proves to their employees that they care for their well-being physically and mentally, along with allowing them to feel comfortable within the spaces they work.

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EMPOWER WELL-BEING: Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace – What Does it Look Like & How Can You Accommodate?

- Diversity is what makes each of us unique. It includes our backgrounds, personality, life experiences, and beliefs, all the things that make us who we are.

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SPACE MATTERS: Designing Workspace for Neurodiversity

- “Too often, the neurodivergent are noted as under-performing. Feedback is often focused on what the individual needs to do to improve, instead of looking at environmental factors which could be limiting their ability to be successful.” – Helen Needham

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SPACE MATTERS: “The World Looks Brand New. Let’s Go Exploring”

- While the year was challenging for all of us in the Bay design and construction community it also brought us closer to our clients and partners. Together we were all looking for answers and a clear path to navigate the changing office landscape as well as the evolving pandemic shutdowns.

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RETURN TO WORKSPACE: After a Year of Unrest - Let's Work Together to get Portland Back

- Mark Canez the Managing Director of the Portland office recently wrote an article regarding the state of Portland over the past year. He writes, "A positive sign is that many of our business leaders have stepped up and offered financial assistance and expertise to the Portland city government to help get the city back to the "hip, cool city" it was just a short 24 months ago".

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Webinar Tide Is Turning

RETURN TO WORKSPACE: Did you miss - The Tide is Turning: Returning to the workspace Missed webinar? Watch it here!

- By mid-summer, a good portion of people should be vaccinated, and companies are looking ahead at how to bring their employees back to the workspace.

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RETURN TO WORKSPACE: Driving Employee Experience During COVID

- Now that we have truly grasped the implications of this pandemic, companies are now starting to evaluate each step of the employee experience.

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- Physical distancing norms, health, and safety concerns are at an elevated state. Every organization seeks to understand how to keep people safe, secure, and effective while sustaining their culture and implementing short and long-term workplace changes.

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RETURN TO WORKSPACE: Returning to the Workspace – Post-Pandemic

- With the pandemic creating a new work environment for most of the employees in the comfort of their homes, there is a dire need for a change in workplace ergonomics and structure to welcome back the employees with the same vigor enthusiasm.

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Working Remote

EMPOWER WELL-BEING: Aligning Culture During COVID

- Companies that prioritize a workplace culture are more optimistic about growth and have happier and more engaged employees - even during COVID.

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EMPOWER WELL-BEING: Onboarding Considerations During COVID

- In the age of COVID; employees need to have the right tools for the job when onboarding, whether that be a home office or a mentor.

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EMPOWER WELL-BEING: Turning Off Your Thoughts After Work

- Are you feeling burned out? You may be spending too much time ruminating about your job, says psychologist Guy Winch. Learn how to stop worrying

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Ergonomic School Space

RETURN TO WORKSPACE: Remote Learning Ergonomics for Children

- 3 Tips to Keep Your Child Children Focused and Engaged in Remote Learning

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RETURN TO WORKSPACE: Work from Home: Best Ergonomic Practices

- As organizations continue to evaluate how to keep employees safe and engaged longterm, a Work from Home (or Work from Anywhere) policy offers a good solution. The global pandemic has accelerated the exploration of home office programs for many organizations—and both employer and employee are reaping benefits.

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- Now more than ever, do you feel stifled by the four walls of your office, home, or cubicle? Confining ourselves indoors has produced what health experts call a "nature deficit disorder" -- depression or anxiety resulting from too little time spent outside—getting can-do great things for your health outdoors.

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RETURN TO WORKSPACE: Ergonomics Recommendations for Remote Work

- For a majority of individuals who have been working from home for the first time, getting the correct home office setup has presented some challenging problems. When setting up the homework environment remember to implement ergonomics basics.

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SPACE MATTERS: Office Relocation Planning Guide: 10 Tips for a Successful Office Move

- An office relocation is no fun, but at times in a necessary evil to move your business forward. Following these ten tips will make the outcome much better.

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Phone booth

RETURN TO WORKSPACE: Phone Booths in the Office

- Phone booths are a functional way to solve the open office noise issue. Whether they’re being used for a quick phone call or a digital team meeting, phone booths provide acoustical privacy that benefits both the occupants and the rest of the office. Flexible, moveable - the new private space?

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RETURN TO WORKSPACE: The Right Products & Services for your Workspace

- We are here to get you back into your workspace when the time is right. We have products and solutions that can help keep your employees and customers feeling safe while preserving your culture.

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RETURN TO WORKSPACE: Evolving Workspace Strategies Webinar

- We’re committed to creating workspaces for you to thrive. This includes providing solutions to keep your employees safe and healthy. PeopleSpace recently hosted a webinar to help our partners in the community return to their workspace.

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RETURN TO WORKSPACE: Cleaning & Safety Check

- Keeping Your Employees & Customers Safe: Our Quality Assurance Team is ready to help you get back to the workspace. Before your employees come back to work here are some things we can help in keeping them and your customers safe.

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Cleaning Services

RETURN TO WORKSPACE: PeopleSpace provides COVID-19 Disinfection Services

- Keeping Your Employees & Customers Safe There is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting! Cleaning removes loose soils, preparing the surface or object to be disinfected. Disinfecting kills germs on the surface, preventing them from spreading. If a surface is not cleaned first, germs can hide under soils and reduce the efficacy of the disinfectant. Learn how PeopleSpace can help you sanitize and disinfect.

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RETURN TO WORKSPACE: Ready Workspace Strategies

- As stay-at-home restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic are lifted, workers will begin to return to the workplace. Restrictions in some parts of the world have already been lifted. The process of furloughed and work from home employees returning to the workplace will vary by organization, but clearly, the management of this transition is unprecedented.

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SPACE MATTERS: Creating Workspaces that Foster Creativity and Innovation

- Two very different behaviors optimize creative thinking for innovation processes: high-focus work and restorative activities. We need to experience these on our own as well as with others. If we never rest, can’t focus, or don't work with each other, we miss out on finding new ideas and fail to execute them. Organizations that value and design workplaces supporting all of these activities can improve their innovation efforts simply by having more ideas to consider. So how do we improve workspaces so they support independent work, collaboration, ideation, and innovation all at once?

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