Moveable Walls: Sustainable Adaptability While Saving Time and Money

Jun 14, 2022
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Moveable Walls: Sustainable Adaptability While Saving Time and Money

One of the many business leaders, facility, and project managers' goals is to provide long-term, sustainable architectural solutions for their clients and employer while saving money, the environment, and flexibility for growth.

An Adaptable, Reactive Office Structure with Moveable Walls

Do you anticipate expanding your office team, or bringing them back to the office soon? Will you need updated social distancing space to accommodate them? It could be your business needs have changed, and you necessitate more meeting spaces or enclosed private workspace. Maybe, the uncertainty due to the pandemic calls for flexibility now and in the future for easily adaptable spaces. Moveable wall systems can present you with the flexibility to modify your workspace design to adapt to your changing needs.

As you expand your personnel, develop teams that need meeting workspace, have your members return to the workspace or shift departments, make sure your office infrastructure can keep up. As an alternative to spending on costly construction remodels, that may need to be redone in a year or two, invest in movable walls. Movable wall panels, like frameless glass walls, laminate, or wood, can save you money and give your expanding workspace the flexibility it needs.

With the look, feel, and acoustical performance of fixed construction, moveable walls present space-saving, simple flexible choices to create more workspaces in a floorplate without forfeiting comfort, personal storage, or privacy.

Moveable Walls: The Basics

  1. Easy to Customize & Reconfigure
  2. Promotes Employee Well-being
  3. Cost Savings & Sustainability
  4. Quality Assurance

The notion behind moveable wall systems is much like integrated furniture systems such as the Haworth Integrated Palette. Both are reconfigurable as needed and can adjust and adapt to your organizational changes.

Easy to Customize and Reconfigure

The unitized factory-built panels come pre-assembled (with data and electrical) and ready to tilt in place. Once in place, any door or panel can be removed or replaced without disrupting the rest of the system.

Because moveable walls can be disassembled and re-used, they deliver astonishing environmental solutions throughout renovations without laborers' intricate scheduling and planning. Unlike conventional reconstructions that involve demolishing drywall and studs, which creates disruption with dust and noise, moveable walls can be deconstructed by tilting down, moving the unitized wall, and then tilting them back up for a different layout of configuration. Additionally, power and data are reconfigurable, so you can revise your walls as often as you update technology.

Employee Well-Being

Moveable walls do not just quickly divide space; they are customizable to help emphasize your brand through colors, finishes, and accessories. Envision being able to include writing or magnetic surfaces into any part of the wall. Additionally, it can improve employee well-being with enhanced acoustical privacy (sound transmission class (STC) rating up to 45), spatial composition, and natural lighting.

Light impacts our mental well-being; it is advised that we obtain at least four hours of sunlight per day (also captured in the WELL standard). Light emits hormones called serotonin which balances our mood.

One way to boost occupant access to daylight is to utilize windowed areas as shared workspaces where employees can gather and spend time throughout the day. If enclosed workspaces must be constructed along the perimeter of a floorplan, transparent and translucent glass moveable walls can be applied to make certain daylight filters through to extend to the rest of the workspace. This mindful use of light can help reduce stress.

Architectural Interiors, a brand of PeopleSpace can help with architectural solutions to meet your changing workspace needs. See how Architectural Interiors can offer a Moveable Wall system that saves time, money and is sustainable and flexible. Contact Yuri Petroff the Managing Principal of our Architectural Interiors brand to learn more:

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