Your workspace isn’t just a workplace; it reflects your team and your culture and is a crucial driver of organizational success. At PeopleSpace, we understand your workspace’s profound impact on your business. That’s why we’re excited to introduce WorkSpace Discovery, a cutting-edge, proprietary technology designed to revolutionize how you approach workspace design and decision-making.

Increased Productivity
Precision and Accuracy
Faster Decision-Making
Lowered Costs

Unlocking the Power of Workspace Discovery

WorkSpace Discovery is a game-changer, leveraging the synergy of simple surveys and artificial intelligence to streamline the design decision process. This powerful tool enables business leaders and facilities stakeholders to make informed decisions faster and more effectively.

Elevate Your Workspace: Tailored Designs with PeopleSpace Technology

At PeopleSpace, our cutting-edge technology streamlines the entire workspace design process, ensuring a seamless experience that caters specifically to your organization’s needs. We kickstart this journey by harnessing insights from your team through user-friendly surveys. These surveys are designed to make the information-gathering process a breeze. You can access a survey template within seconds, or if you prefer a customized approach, collaborate with a dedicated PeopleSpace Representative to create the perfect survey for your unique organization.

Our surveys offer a dynamic approach to collecting preferences and valuable input. They incorporate both visual and text-based elements, allowing us to gauge not only your team’s visual inclinations but also delve deeper into aspects like work culture and employee experience. Once your surveys are ready, you can instantly distribute them and gather feedback.

The efficiency of our survey system is a highlight, as they are quick and easy to complete, taking just a few minutes for users to rank their preferences. Your PeopleSpace Representative then utilizes the data collected from these surveys to prepare a comprehensive project report. This report combines vital information about your organization’s needs, industry requirements, culture, and timeline. It serves as the foundation for suggesting the most relevant workspace solutions and options tailored specifically to your organization.

Our offerings span from conceptualizing workspace characteristics to product recommendations, workstation setups, private office and social space applications, and the flexibility to toggle between different price points, culture types, timeframes, and more. You can discuss this detailed project report with our workplace strategist and your PeopleSpace representative virtually or in person. They will leverage the insights gleaned to craft a unique floor plan that incorporates the ideal product mix and layout, perfectly aligned with your organization's needs and preferences. At PeopleSpace, we’re committed to making your workspace design journey effortless and perfectly tailored.

Streamline Your Workspace Design with PeopleSpace’s Workspace Discovery

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

One size does not fit all when it comes to workspace design. WorkSpace Discovery takes into account the unique aspects of your organization, industry, and specific requirements. By analyzing relevant data, we provide personalized workspace solutions that are tailored to your organization’s exact needs.

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