Inspiring Spaces For Every Industry

Inspiring Space For Every Industry

PeopleSpace is your partner in creating inspiring spaces, whatever your industry. We transform interior and exterior space to support your people, your work, your culture and your brand.

PeopleSpace has been a leading West Coast solutions provider for 20+ years. We're collaborating with Haworth to bring you the added resources of a $2 billion global thought leader to enhance the experience from start to finish.

Tools for Cultural Transformation

Tools for Cultural Transformation

Culture influences motivation, and space (both indoor and outdoor) can be used to leverage or change culture. PeopleSpace applies years of experience coupled with Haworth’s research-based methodologies and products to help you and your design team profile your cultural ecosystem and plan your space accordingly.

One such tool is the Competing Values Framework® (shown on the left), a model developed out of the 4 dominant culture types in successful organizations.

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Our environment impacts our mental well-being and productivity. For the past 15 years our partners at Haworth have studied the importance of design elements or objects within the workplace environment. They found that our workspace has an indirect impact on business goals and because of this, certain design elements or objects within the work environment affect the way employees work. These design elements or objects are called affordances and provide sensory characteristics that intuitively imply how something should be used within the environment. Items such as plants, space, desks, chairs and more can influence our cognitive, emotional and physical well-being. At PeopleSpace we have taken that research and have applied it to an affordance-based approach to modify environments by giving special attention to the significance of the human body, which is characterized by variety and diversity. Click here to read more...

Promoting mental and physical well-being

Research supports today’s shift from “facilities-centric” to “people-centric” design. Our approach fosters well-being, which improves engagement, retention, and recruitment, as well as productivity. Our own Experience Centers (showrooms) are places where people thrive; we subscribe to WELL building standards. We walk our talk.

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Well-Being: We Wrote The Book

PeopleSpace is about creating spaces where people can thrive and be their best. We know a holistic, person-centered approach supports performance, happiness, retention, recruiting and productivity. Haworth has funded research into the impact of space on human well-being, which includes cognitive support and psychological comfort. PeopleSpace has access to this industry-leading research, including discoveries that are described in the book, "The Healthy Workplace Nudge."

Well-Being: We Wrote The Book

Anchored in behavioral economics, “The Healthy Workspace Nudge” is based on Haworth-funded research on how to design space to “nudge” people towards healthier behaviors, reducing stress, enhancing well-being and improving performance.

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