People-Centered Healthcare

Each person that walks through your door has a distinct set of needs. From clinicians and staff to patients and family members facing medical uncertainties. By utilizing our evidence-based solutions we want to help you create patient spaces and employee workspaces that nurture and support well-being and collaboration for people to thrive.

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Designing workspace for your employees is just as important as designing space for your patients. We understand the association between organization, environment & workplace cultures, and how it affects patient outcomes. We know if the internal customer (your employees) are not happy then your external client (your patients) experiences can suffer or even affect their health.

The shift to patient-centered models of care is driven not only by increased competition but by improved outcomes: comfortable, cheerful spaces help people to heal. Patient families need charging stations, desks and convertible sofas. Flexible furnishings not only allow families to be part of the care team; multi-purpose, easily reconfigured furniture addresses the problem of a shrinking floor space. We provide evidence-based solutions for the future of healthcare.

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