People-Centered Healthcare

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Engage Patients, Empower Caregivers & Foster Community

Each person that walks through your door has a distinct set of needs. From clinicians and staff to patients and family members facing medical uncertainties. When it comes to healthcare, it all matters. Each of the key areas in a healthcare setting is essential for success. Those spaces include patient areas, caregiver spaces, community spaces, and administrative support areas. By utilizing our evidence-based solutions we want to help you create patient spaces and employee workspaces that nurture and support well-being and collaboration for people to thrive.


Engage Patients

The shift to patient-centered models of care is driven not only by increased competition but by improved outcomes: comfortable, empathetic, cheerful spaces help people to heal. With a focus on the patient experience in the healing environment, from exam rooms and treatment spaces to overnight facilities, environments affect well-being.

It’s about creating a space for the patient and the caregiver that supports a relationship helping them navigate a path to better outcomes. We understand these relationships improve the patient experience for all individuals, leading to the decreased prevalence and/or severity of chronic diseases and overall better chronic care management.

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Empower Caregivers

Designing a workspace for your employees is just as crucial as designing space for your patients. To reduce burnout and disengagement, employers are addressing providers, nurses, aides, and administrative staffs’ physical and mental well-being. Today designers and employers are considering strategies for ergonomics and cleanability in nurse’s stations, team spaces, exam rooms, administration areas, and lounge areas.

We understand the association between organization, environment & workplace cultures and how it affects patient outcomes. If the internal customer (your employees) is not happy, then your external client (your patients) experiences can suffer or even affect their health. The idea is that without an improved clinical experience on the provider side, the three other patient-centric aspects won’t reach their full potential - better outcomes, lower costs, and improved patient experience.

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Foster Community

Community spaces are areas in a healthcare facility that patients, family, and friends use while waiting for care or their loved ones. These spaces offer many amenities such as areas to relax, have privacy, catch up on work, or grab a bite to eat. These spaces can nurture people in times of need from waiting areas, outdoor spaces, cafes, and touchdown rooms for private phone calls or catching up on work.

Patient families and caregivers need welcome and waiting areas with charging stations, desks, and convertible sofas. Flexible furnishings not only allow families to be part of the care team; multi-purpose, easily reconfigured furniture addresses the problem of shrinking floor space.


We understand people-centric healthcare environments with an emphasis on:

  • Healthier Hospitals Initiative (HHI)
  • Nature/Biophilia
  • Design for LEED
  • California Building Standards Code for the safety of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and intermediate care facilities
  • Hospital Readmission Reduction Program
  • Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS Scores)

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