Phone Booths in the Office

Jun 12, 2020

Phone Booths in the Office

Long before COVID-19 - the downfall of the cubicle leading to more open offices and less private space for workers was sweeping the workspace. Companies needed a solution that didn’t require building walls or expanding their space. Enter closet-sized booths that can be assembled on-site for a modest cost. Phone booths provide a personal space that meets the four pillars of privacy: sound, visual, territorial, and informational. And now, post-COVID, these booths can also create a better sense of security for your employees.

  • Soundproof
  • Modular
  • Ventilated
  • Sustainable
  • Security

The World Economic Forum and CDC has published a recommendation of reducing desk density so that employees can sit or stand at least six feet from one another. A phone booth could be just the answer one is looking for to create space that embraces privacy, security, and the ability to maximize video conferencing.

Another thought is the cost of building out space to accommodate the new norms and flexibility after. The benefits of flexible architecture are just one plus to a phone booth. As build-outs have been completed, it is quite expensive to make revisions. Combining the design and construction with permits and/or building codes, the cost could exceed $10,000+ per room–and that’s if the building code allows for it. Phone booths are like furniture, which can be placed in areas of need and be moved should those needs change.

Flexibility isn’t just an attractive option for businesses on a budget; there’s a case to be made that architecture, across the board, is transitioning from producing static spaces to layouts that are perpetually in flux, optimizing themselves all the time.

Rethinking the room itself as a mobile module, rather than four pieces of floor-to-ceiling drywall and glass that are permanently stuck in one place once installed, is a radical shift in her industry.

But how does one choose one, and what are the benefits of putting phone booths in the office space. We researched for you, and here is our project, as well as some articles to support it.

What companies use phone booths?

  • Nike
  • NASA
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Hulu
  • Reddit
  • Samsung
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • WeWork
  • JP Morgan
  • and more

PeopleSpace Guide to Phone Booths

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Michelle Sample

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