Acoustics - Create harmony in the workplace with spaces to support both collaboration and focus

Dec 27, 2022
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Office acoustics is a term that refers to the level of noise within a workplace. ‘Noise’ is used loosely to represent any sound that may have an impact on employee health, comfort, or productivity.

Effective acoustical design may be invisible to most people, but the benefits are easy to see. Whether you’re supporting individual tasks or group interactions, acoustics has the potential to enhance the user experience. Organizations can unlock the potential of space design with a thoughtful acoustics plan to enhance well-being—leading to healthier, more engaged, and high-performing employees.

The design of your workplace is just as essential to the success of your business as the productivity of your employees. Technology and dedicated workspaces are fantastic resources, but their effectiveness can be limited by distracting sounds and poor acoustics. Acoustics are important aspects of every workplace, and properly controlling sound should be a top priority for facility managers.

Take a look at our Acoustic Design Guide. Discover the trends, insights, applications, and solutions for creating a landscape of acoustically balanced spaces.

Michelle Sample

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