The New Normal

Jan 08, 2021
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The New Normal

Work from home might have come across as a way of taking off work, but the pandemic has introduced a new perspective towards remote working and remote learning. Productivity has remained high, and people have found new ways to engage themselves during the day. The comfort of home is addictive, especially when you've spent years commuting for the office buzz. However, the new normal has to be a mix of both. Business leaders and employees all have realized that maximizing productivity and innovation would mean a hybrid work routine, alternating between remote working and office presence. Therefore, this new normal demands changes in terms of interior and exterior designs to set up a professional environment at home and make the boring offices feel like home.

Changes in Organizational Culture

For the past few years, human resource departments have been actively finding new ways to develop such a culture within the organization that makes the team work together as a family. This meant increased outside-work activities and engagements, especially for the recruits, and a general feel-home atmosphere to make employees understand each other and work together in harmony. Communication was essential within the hierarchy, and employees would welcome casual visits from colleagues during work to have a light-hearted conversation or have a laugh. The new normal, however, would be dominated by 'social distancing.' Technology would play a significant role in maintaining organizational culture. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, stated that the world had seen two years' worth of digital transformation in two months. This is true. Schools and colleges that never had the concept of remote learning ended up giving online classes to kindergarten kids!

This means that a normal office day would be spent mostly on technology and applications to communicate with, say a colleague in the other room, because who would take the risk of walking past ten people on the way. Then sanitize hands and enter the room, maintain a six-feet distance and give the message, and then walk past ten more people to return to the table and begin disinfecting, once again. Technological solutions today have made the pandemic manageable. The hour's need is to identify the key areas that need changes to adjust to this new normal. Organizations have to communicate better than ever with the workforce to keep the remote employees physically present, well informed, and satisfied. The work would not just juggle between home and office, but any place that one finds conducive and peaceful.

Workspace transformation and PeopleSpace

PeopleSpace has been actively engaged in providing solutions for this new norm. Our design experts get involved with researchers, leadership, and the workforce to design a strategy for the transformation of the workspace that is well suited for the organization's culture to thrive.

Products and designs are tailored according to the space constraints. From a cubicle to a private office, we have a wide range of products to ensure the implementation of social distancing without making the workspace look like an isolation camp. The social distancing becomes enjoyable and convenient from our elegant Enclose modular wall systems and Corner Office screens to well-designed gallery panels and Flex Mobile glass boards. These systems provide global cohesiveness and adaptable functionality in an integrated system for ever-changing workstyles and environments. Our systems can be easily configured and reconfigured as your environmental and employee needs change.

Physical distancing norms, health, and safety concerns are at an elevated state. Every organization seeks to understand how to keep people safe, secure, and effective while sustaining their culture and implementing short and long-term workplace changes. Going forward, finding the balance of how to create personal interaction and virtual collaboration will be vital for our well being.

Let us help you transform your workspace and provide a carefully curated collection of interchangeable solutions that can last through the pandemic and after.


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