Turning Off Your Thoughts After Work

Nov 30, 2020
Guy Winch 1200

Are you feeling burned out? You may be spending too much time ruminating about your job, says psychologist Guy Winch. Learn how to stop worrying about tomorrow's tasks or stewing over office tensions with four simple techniques aimed at helping you truly relax and recharge after work.

  1. You have to define when to switch off every night when you stop working. And you have to be strict about it! (That means email notifications on your phone too!)
  2. If you work from home - set boundaries. Designate a workspace, even if it is tiny – ONLY work there.
  3. Next, when you're working from home, wear work clothes you only wear when you're working. Then, at the end of the day, change clothes, and use music and lighting to shift the atmosphere from work to home. Make it a ritual. Now, some of you might think that's silly. That changing clothes and lighting will convince my mind that I'm no longer at work. Trust me; your mind will fall for it. Because we are really smart, our reason is really stupid.
  4. Change negative ruminations into productive ones – pose it as a problem that needs to be solved. The problem-solving version of "I have so much work to do" is a scheduling question. Like, "Where is my schedule? Can I fit the tasks that are troubling me?" Or, "What can I move in my schedule to make room for this more urgent thing?" Or even, "When do I have 15 minutes to go over my schedule?" All those are problems that can be solved. "I have so much work to do" is not.

Learn more here on the Ted Talk by psychologist – Guy Winch.

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