Returning to the Workspace – Post-Pandemic

Jan 05, 2021
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Returning to the Workspace – Post-Pandemic

With the pandemic creating a new work environment for most of the employees in the comfort of their homes, there is a dire need for a change in workplace ergonomics and structure to welcome back the employees with the same vigor enthusiasm. PeopleSpace realizes the hour's condition to redesign the workplace that ensures safety while maintaining the workplace culture among co-workers.

Why returning to the workplace is important?

While work-from-home surprisingly proved to be more productive due to less time spent on the daily commute, dress-up, meet and greet, etc., studies have shown that this period has seen lower innovation levels. Coordination among co-workers is essential to brainstorm and reiterate ideas and strategies to achieve business goals in innovation. However, this coordination has seen its worst days. It has had to deal with a lousy internet connection, reduced video quality, poor time management, collaboration, and lack of appropriate tools and equipment to efficiently and effectively translate their ideas. The comfort of home is perhaps too comfortable to stimulate the brain cells to think outside the box. Companies have left innovation at the back foot to navigate these uncertain times without taking any risks.

For businesses to thrive, innovation cannot be brushed aside anymore, and therefore, workplaces would have to reopen sooner or later. Returning to the workplace would mean a downpour of ideas, proposals, schemes, and designs facilitated by the right tools and technology and collaborations under one roof, enabling businesses to find solutions in the post-pandemic world.

Redesigning the Workspace

For this return to be successful and productive as before, new strategies would have to be developed, and the workspace's remodeling seems imperative. No employee would be willing to risk his/her life just for the sake of innovation and business growth, so it has to be kept in mind that this post-pandemic world has brought its own set of challenges that must be acknowledged and dealt with comprehensively.

Embracing the Change

PeopleSpace comes into the picture, which has been on its toes since the start of the pandemic, to foresee the changes any workspace would require when the lockdown lifts. Among the many changes, one of the main concerns would be to maximize social distancing while working under one roof. One has to think of the seating areas, cubicles, meeting rooms, and cafes; in short, every corner of the workspace has to be redesigned or upgraded to ensure workers' safety. The workspaces in the pre-pandemic world were already experiencing significant changes keeping employee needs a priority and maintaining a healthy and enjoyable environment to improve productivity and stimulate growth. Now that the world has experienced a work-from-home level of comfort, workspaces would need a greater up-gradation in terms of remote working areas, isolation rooms, comfortable furniture, and the feel-home look to bring the workspaces back to life. PeopleSpace fully understands the kind of make-over each workspace would need and offers its wide range of services and a dedicated team to make sure the return to the workspace is a happy one, filled with a sense of safety and comfort.

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