Elevate Your Workplace Design Experience with CET Live Design

Nov 14, 2023
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In the dynamic realm of workplace design, envisioning the perfect space tailored to your business needs can be daunting. PeopleSpace, a seasoned partner in crafting successful workspaces for over 23 years, now offers a revolutionary solution to simplify and enhance your design journey – CET Live Design.

This cutting-edge space-planning software brings the expertise of PeopleSpace designers and workplace consultants directly to your screen in real-time. With Live Design, you can participate in live virtual design sessions, allowing you to witness furniture plans being crafted and modified seamlessly while staying in the comfort of your own space.

Michael Fisher, Workplace Strategist at PeopleSpace, highlights the transformative impact of CET Live Design: “Conducting a CET Live Design session provides our clients with an enhanced opportunity to envision their space and the furniture they desire to have within it.”

The highly visual software enables clients to actively engage in the design process actively, gaining a deeper understanding of available options and their practical application in their specific work environment. This innovative experience has proven to be a time and cost-efficient solution, sparing clients the complexities of decision-making and ensuring a smoother design journey.

Laurie Dunagan, Director of Design at PeopleSpace, emphasizes the benefits of Live Design: “Our Live Design sessions provide clients the valuable opportunity to explore various options, share feedback, and ask questions in real-time. The immediate response during these sessions saves time and leads to cost-effective solutions for both parties involved—a significant advantage!”

CET Live Design doesn’t stop at virtual collaboration; it also serves as a comprehensive software solution for space planning and product ordering. The platform integrates extensions that faithfully replicate manufacturers’ products, allowing users to incorporate them seamlessly into 2D and 3D virtual environments. The software streamlines processes handles pricing calculations, prevents errors, and provides a range of outputs, from layouts and quotes to photorealistic renderings and installation drawings.

Keeping pace with technological advancements, CET Designer Extensions introduces integration with virtual and augmented reality technologies. Designers can now deliver immersive visualization experiences, elevating how clients perceive and interact with their envisioned workspaces.

For those who prefer a traditional approach, PeopleSpace Client Experience Centers remain open for design meetings and tours. Whichever path you choose, PeopleSpace is committed to providing innovative solutions that bring your unique vision to life, transforming your workplace into a true work(place) of art.

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