Office Relocation Planning Guide: 10 Tips for a Successful Office Move

Jun 22, 2020
Van kent

In addition to custom furniture, we also offer an operations division that can deliver, install, warehouse, clean & repair, lease, rent, move or even assist in the disposal or recycling of your furniture. Having these resources allows greater flexibility in the service we provide to you, which can save you both time and money. From ordering to the final punch, we’re there. Receiving, inventory, installation, quality assurance, and warranty support—all from one source.

Moving is a big deal. We dedicate an entire division to ensuring that your project goes smoothly. Our industry-leading QA division ensures that your project is flawlessly delivered and installed. Part of their function is to oversee our installation crew, run the complete punch list process, and handle any warranty issues should they arise. They also communicate proactively around ship and delivery dates and visit sites as many times as needed throughout a project, regardless of the project size.

An office relocation is no fun, but at times in a necessary evil to move your business forward. Following these ten tips will make the outcome much better.

1) Select a mover with office relocation experience; do not use firms with only residential or household moving experience. Don't use a broker, instead contract with the company doing the move.

2) Consider the cost and difficulty of assembly and dis-assembly when buying office furniture and modular wall and furniture components

3) Check with the local municipal government of your new location for civil code requiring a permit if your street will be obstructed during the move. If so, you may wish to consider including permit costs into your contract with your moving company.

4) Choose moving cartons no larger than two cubic feet in volume, anything more significant could cause lifting injuries to employees. The National Safety Council reports that 70% of all workers' compensation claims are due to back injuries caused by lifting.

5) Your computer and other technology equipment should be wrapped and secure in bubble wrap as opposed to furniture pads. Rent special crates from your mover to ensure your systems are moved safely.

6) Consult with your office equipment vendor regarding the proper method of transport for copiers and laser printers. Often manufacturers require you to remove the toner or other specific components before moving.

7) Ask your mover how they will protect your flooring, carpeting, and doorways during the move out of your existing location and the move into your new space. Consider purchasing additional liability insurance.

8) Before emptying file cabinets, see if your mover is capable of transporting your file systems intact, without damaging the file system's structure. Instead of emptying, packing, and unpacking desk contents, consider using special inflatable, non-destructive fillers to immobilize contents during transit.

9) Label ALL items, furniture, boxes, and other packages. Again, label EVERYTHING. Place labels on the top and at least one side of each package. Color-coded labels can help with efficiency, and it's a good idea to mark which end is up on boxes and containers. Appropriately mark FRAGILE items.

10) Consider the location of electrical outlets at your new site and have plenty of appropriately rated extension cords/outlet strips that can be strategically placed before heavy furniture and equipment block the wall outlets. Also, keep on hand plenty of extra telephone and cat-5 cable.

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