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Commanding the global spotlight, this powerhouse company creates exhilarating entertainment and mobile games that enrapture audiences across the globe. The company’s presence has further flourished in Culver City, CA, as they unveiled a new 48,000 square feet building complete with a private courtyard. Collaborating with renowned design firms like STUDIOS Architecture and Scala Studio, alongside the expert project management of CMPG, their expansion has truly set a new standard.

Embarking on a mission to craft a space that would mesmerize the senses, the vision was set: an awe-inspiring sanctuary boasting a grand reception, communal meeting spots, cozy cafes, and airy work zones adorned with charming wooden and brick accents. However, the path was far from easy, with tight timelines, a constrained budget, and multifaceted project goals. This is where PeopleSpace emerged as the true trailblazers, weaving their magic to deliver nothing short of remarkable.

In a mere 30-day sprint, PeopleSpace orchestrated a symphony of precision. Unveiling the client's inventory, they meticulously cataloged choices and engineered a resource-efficient revival strategy. Introducing an artistic twist, PeopleSpace hunted down exquisite gems from renowned brands like Haworth, Hush, BluDot, JANUS et Cie, DPG, and Arper, infusing modernity, splashes of color, and vivacious energy.

Before the enchantment began, a meticulous cleanup transformed the existing inventory, paving the way for a final showdown – a meticulously planned installation. With an arsenal of 15 truckloads of materials and a dedicated overnight crew, the hurdles were transformed into stepping stones.

The culmination? A triumphant finale. The project, against all odds, not only met its deadline but danced beneath budgetary constraints. PeopleSpace stands tall, its badge of honor glittering on this canvas of beauty and functionality. This achievement isn't just a project; it's a testament to their prowess, a vivid demonstration of their unwavering commitment to excellence.

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