California Business Journal - The Secret To Keeping Your Best Employees

Apr 21, 2019

It's a job seeker's market. The unemployment rate hasn't been this low in 20 years, and workers today are looking for a lot more than a steady paycheck and good health insurance.

IOS' recent feature in the California Business Journal focuses on company values and culture being a primary driver in employee retention. Our CEO, Jesse Bagley, offered his expert insight.

"The workforce is looking at more than what the company does. They want to know why the company does it, and the work environment has to align with that," Bagley said.

More than ever, potential employees are looking for places where they want to work. They want a space they'll be happy to spend 8-10 hours a day in, and a company that shares their beliefs.

In addressing how employers can keep their best workers, Bagley revealed that more company leaders are realizing the excellent returns investing in a workspace can yield.

"CEOs are looking at the work environment as an extension of their investment in the work force, now more than ever," Bagley said.

That realization has been a boon for IOS, as more businesses have been approaching us asking how we can help them make their workspace a better place through world-class furniture, consultation, and design.

Read the California Business Journal’s full article on retaining your best workers here.

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