Right Foot Forward

Jan 04, 2018

Happy New Year, boss!

January is here. And, even at work, it’s time to capitalize on the planet’s collective fresh start.

We’re not talking about new year’s resolutions. They’re a little trite (plus they don’t work, anyway). We’re talking about setting meaningful intentions that will last the whole year. Here’s what we mean:

  1. Strike 2017’s to-do list

    Close out (or reprioritize) the lingering projects that, for one reason or another, have fallen by the wayside. Maybe it’s finalizing your Q1 goals, signing a task chair order for your team or pulling the trigger on a new hire. The sense of accomplishment will set the tone for the year to come.
  2. Set team goals

    Sit down with you team and talk about what the group wants to accomplish in 2018. Collaborative goal-setting feels less dictatorial and encourages buy-in, which breeds success. And while you shouldn’t be afraid to set a few stretch ambitions, make sure the majority are realistic and achievable.
  3. Update security

    Seeeeeriously though. Hackers’ whole job is to exploit vulnerabilities. Make January the time to beef up your firewall, upgrade your systems, change your passwords, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with securing your data.
  4. Invest in culture

    We say this a lot because it’s important. Today’s workforce is increasingly demanding a dialed environment, with meaningful amenities, and real work-life balance. Life-work balance, in fact.

    Can 2018 be the year you implemented flex time? To calendar a weekly office happy hour? Maybe it’s the year of the standing desk. Take a poll, see what people want. Show you’re listening. They’ll stick around.
  5. Focus on WELLness

    We’ve talked about how all four IOS showrooms will be WELL certified in 2018 (#humblebrag). Whether it’s stocking the kitchen with fruit or motivating people to take the stairs by hanging art there, encouraging wellness can mean better employee health and improved productivity. Less time off. Fewer disability claims. A better staff narrative.

And an awesome 2018.

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Michelle Sample