Contract Magazine - Felderman Keatinge & Associates Custom Designed Aviron Pictures’ New Hollywood Office To Be Picture Perfect

Mar 15, 2019

“An office that says stability, legitimacy, and cost-effective.” Those were the words William Sadleir, chairman and CEO of Aviron Pictures, presented Culver City-based Felderman Keatinge & Associates (FKA) with when surveying Aviron’s new eighth floor Beverly Hills location. Overlooking the Hollywood Hills, it is the perfect spot for the theatrical film marketing and distribution company, but the gutted space needed to do more than exist in the movie production mecca—it needed to give investors confidence.

To make Sadleir’s vision a reality, FKA used customized elements to turn the space into a metaphorical boat, bringing to life Aviron’s evocative logo of rowers. “The client is very design-centric, and he really wanted the space to be branded to his company,” explains Stanley Felderman, co-founder and partner of FKA. “We threw out the idea that we really like to use custom work as much as possible [because] at the end of the day, by the time you research existing product that matches your brand, it’s easier, and actually elevates the level of design, to create your own. He really bought into that.”

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