We are a one stop shop. We have internal divisions, services and
most importantly the people, to complete any project.

Your brand is unique to you and your furniture and space can be as unique as your brand. From custom walls, finishes and furniture, to artwork made of metal and glass. One of our internal brands can create that branded look that makes you unique.

With our industrial design team, production experts and extensive resources, Slate can deliver the expertise needed to approach any design challenge. We implement personalized architectural designs that fulfill any design aesthetic and specifications of wood, metal accents, electrical outlets, or the intricacies of storage or angled construction. It is vital that our workspaces not only have a practical function but motivate, inspire and enthuse us in our day to day lives of work and life.


Change is a constant, so we build flexibility into your environment. Our organic approach results in people-centric spaces that are functionally flexible. Departments and work groups can easily morph and reorganize. Fine-tune the balance between collaboration and focused privacy on the fly. Our modular wall and floor systems can be most efficient, flexible and a beautiful use of tenant improvement dollars. See a 75% reduction in the cost of change!

We are driven by new challenges and we embrace new technology. We are an art, design and custom fabrication studio that pushes the boundaries of creativity. Our specialty is in metals but we welcome work in other materials and have experience with integrating millwork and glass into our projects. We take pride in our work by bringing your ideas to life and in delivering world-class projects and installation for our clients.

Twist Fab

Providing metal & glass fabrication where you need it! We can create a one of a kind look and feel for your interior or exterior space.

AT Space

We developed a whole division around architecture and raised flooring. Experts are ready to answer your questions. Bring us in early, and let's do it right.


We are a furniture engineering, design and manufacturing company, igniting workplace environments with specialized solutions.


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