Where Did Logic Go?

It’s a wonder to me how people can passionately support something that most of them know doesn’t work. Probably the clearest example is Anthony Lewis, the self declared socialist writer for the New York Times. Lewis’s socialistic fervor dimmed over time as the failures–and horrors–of socialist states became undeniable. But in his last interview before retiring he was asked whether he still supported socialism in general. He replied that he still supported many of it’s aspects and specifically socialized medicine. Quote: “I know it doesn’t work, but I still believe in it.”

We’re in the same “I know it doesn’t work but I still believe in it” world today. The most recent is in the uproar over the killings in Las Vegas. Study after study, many done by ant-gun scientists, show the folly of “gun control.” The regulations do nothing to control criminal behavior (look at Mexico), but they certainly control what law-abiding citizens do, and perhaps that’s what really lies in the hearts of the gun-control crowd–it doesn’t matter if it works; it screws the neighbors they don’t like.

One of the ugliest aspects of the nations under the old Soviet Union was the rise of cynicism and resentment. Many jokes in Russia were about how neighbors would wish ill upon neighbors; jokes are funniest when they ring true. I’m afraid we’re going there as well. Resentment of another person’s well-being is becoming the coin of the realm in our political world, and I suspect the desire to impose laws “on the other guy” that will have none of the benefits touted by the supporters will proliferate.

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