Resentment Abounds

Our local Gander Mountain is going out of business. As you would expect, they are having a “Going Out of Business” sale…nothing surprising there. But I was surprised to learn that they needed a permit to have their going out of business sale. The local government requires a specific permit from the lords of bureaucracy to…go out of business.

A friend of mine who knows the ins and outs of such regs went on a rant about Gander, specifically declaring that they can only get 3 month long permits, and they aren’t allowed to “co-mingle” goods to be sold. And by God if they don’t follow the lords’ rules, they’ll pay a price.

I guess having to kill your business and go bankrupt isn’t punishment enough for bureaucrats.

So I asked him what harm to the public the permits were preventing, to which he remarked, “They might continue the sale for several months, even add new stock to sell.”

Wow. How terrible. They would continue to pay taxes, provide employment, pay their rent, and sell products that people want. What an outrage.

And there you have it folks–attitude is everything in today’s world. The sheer hatred that many of our people have for business and producers will override any semblance of intellect and objectivity.

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